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Man with a Movie Camera Project

Man with a Movie Camera Project presents audiovisual compositions based on Dziga Vertov’s silent movie Man with a Movie Camera (1929).

The project presents new works by students of Paulo C. Chagas’ course “Digital Audio and Sound” (MUS 145B) at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) in Spring 2020. In addition, it shows new works by international artists specially invited for the project.

The audiovisual composition consists on a new audiovisual work using original footage extracted from Vertov’s movie for which a new sound/music track will be composed. In addition to original footage, the participants – students and international artists – are encouraged to use any kind of video material and stills.

The works should explore different kinds of techniques for sound and image composition in order to produce a meaningful work committed with artistic, social, and cultural issues of our time.

Works by Brianna Howell, Chris Ramos, Mejia Nieves, Ariel Huape, Justin Cabute, Jessica Fairfield, Quincy Elliott, Ashley Jimenez and international guest artists Beto Machado and Lia Sfoggia / Guilherme Bertissolo.

Download the program! (pdf)

Ashley Jimenez

Beto Machado

Christopher Ramos

Lia Sfoggia / Guilherme Bertissolo

Nieves Meija

Quincy Elliot

Jessica Fairfield

Brianna Howell

Justin Cabute

Ariel Huape