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AUDIOVISUAL MUSIC Metropolis Multi-Media Event 2017

The Metropolis Multi-Media Event follows the inspiration of Fritz Lang’s large-sized ‘marriage of the arts’ while rediscovering the historical roots from which it arose – the interplay of filmic art and live performance.

These audiovisual performances by UCR students, faculty, and guest artists are standalone performances that respond to and vary themes of “Metropolis” implementing digital visual arts, electronic music and piano performed live.

Performed live – November 17, 2017

Gary Barnett, piano

New audiovisual compositions by:
Alexander Pettai
Roberta Medina / Davi Valois / Bruna Cabral
Walter Ruttmann / Antonio D’Amato
Beto Machado
Ethan Castro
Christiaan Clark
Patrick Gibson
Francisco Rangel
Vitor Kisil
Lia Sfoggia / Guilherme Bertissolo Johannes Birringer / Paulo C. Chagas