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Ethan Castro
Remixing Metropolis
music video, featuring Gabrielle Lee (voice) (2017) – 3’50”

The utopian society – where everything is perfect and balanced – or so we think. Usually when a situation is too perfect, the universe has a way of bring chaos to order, and order to chaos. Truly the only way to avoid being disappointed is to be comfortable with chaos. “Repeat” is an example where we see the continual fascination with the idea of the ‘perfect’ entity, only to be continually disappointed when expectations fail to become realized, begging the question – if every utopian society humans have generated is upended, why don’t we focus on embracing chaos in our current society?

Ethan Castro is a hard-of-hearing Digital Composition PhD Student at UC Riverside. Despite being born with complications that nearly destroyed his hearing, Ethan has been developing and operating the music industry division of his company, EDGE Original Inc., since he was 14 years old. Through his company, Ethan has performed with Artists all over the world, DJing, Drumming, and Producing. Through his studies at UC Riverside, Ethan is working on some literally earthshaking methods to change the way the audiences experience music, using his own productions as a testing ground.