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Lia Sfoggia / Guilherme Bertissolo
video, live piano and electronics (2017) – 5’30”

Base is based on two interdependent axes: Ambiguity of Technology in Metropolis and the relationship between body and technology mediated by culture. The film express the ambiguity of technology and allow the artists to argue the contemporary debate about man- machine interface. The problems of the man-machine interfaces can be understood through the contemporary body, taking the movement and its cultural significance as a point of view for discussion. The piece is written for piano, electronics, and videodance, in a collaboration between the composer Guilherme Bertissolo and the dancer/choreographer Lia Sfoggia.

Guilherme Bertissolo is Professor of Composition of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA); in 2011-12 he spent six months at the UCR doing research for his PhD dissertation; Lia Sfoggia is completing a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at the UFBA, focusing Capoeira as a source for artistic processes in Dance. In 2017, Bertissolo and Sfoggia spent one month as artists in residence at the UCR working mainly at the Experimental Acoustic Research Studio (EARS), directed by Paulo C. Chagas.