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Patrick Gibson
Music Inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) video, live piano and digital orchestra (2017) – 9’30”
I. Maria
II. Interlude
III. a) Rotwang’s Laboratory; b) The Experiment; c) The Transformation

Music Inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), for live piano and digital orchestra, is a multimedia work employing scenes from the film, and focusing on three characters: Maria, the heroine; Rotwang, the corrupted scientist; and The Man-Machine, an abomination born of Science that threatens Maria’s individuality and spreads a false “gospel” of violence and chaos. The images give rise to the music, which, in turn, gives voice to characters from a distant past.

Patrick Gibson is a composer, electric guitarist, educator, and Ph.D. student in the Digital Composition Program at UCR. He holds an M.M. in Composition from Cal State Long Beach, an M.Ed. from National University, and a B.A. in Music Theory/Voice from Loyola Marymount. Works include: Missa Familiae Sanctae (SATB/Pierrot Ensemble), Speed Metal through the Viewfinder (String Quartet), Sonata for Electric Guitar (Rock Power Trio), and Mars Chamber Symphony (Modified Pierrot plus Harp).