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Silent Disco

November 20, 2021
7 pm to 8:30 pm (pst)

Silent Discos became popularized in urban settings for parties within shared spaces (like apartments) settings without disturbing neighbors or ecological wildlife. They provide an opportunity for an isolated group to experience performance simultaneity without as much audio bleed as a traditional amplified loudspeaker system would provide, at a fraction of the power. 

Typically, anywhere between one to three DJs provide simultaneous streams of different genres of music over a radio frequency transmitter, and participants select which stream they prefer on their headphones which contain a receiver with RF selector. Their headphones contain LED lights (red, green, blue) to indicate which stream they are listening to, communicating their stream preference to others.

This unique situation creates an equally interesting event for observers as it does for the participants, as the juxtaposition of a crowd clearly participating in ceremonial concert behaviors without the source material creates a disorientation for the observers, blurring the lines between audience and performative material.

We will feature three student DJs from UCR’s student organizations and will invite up to 40 participants to experience the silent disco in the UCR ARTS Black Box.

Ethan Castro 

Ethan Castro is a music producer, songwriter, engineer, and inventor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition from California State University, Fresno; a Master of Arts in Music Industry Administration from California State University, Northridge; and is currently a PhD candidate in Digital Composition at University of California, Riverside where his research on tactile audio has been submitted for patent consideration. Ethan serves as Vice President of EDGE Original Inc., Graduate Studio Manager of UCR’s Experimental Acoustics Research Studio (EARS) facility, and was previously the Vice President of the Riverside Philharmonic and the founder of the EARS Student Group. Ethan’s 15 years of music production/audio engineering and forthcoming dissertation on tactile audio/multimodal composition positions him as a leader in audio innovation and multimedia experiences through his position as Chief Technical Officer of EDGE Sound Research.