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EOI Records and EARS Student Group present: Transnational Audiovisual Songwriting Camp 
Creating Music Videos and other Audiovisual Works in under 72 hours

EOI Records and the EARS Student Group at UC Riverside are teaming up to host a virtual, transnational, audiovisual songwriting camp where unique audiovisual works will be produced within 72 hours. These groups will be composed of virtual students from California’s UC, CSU, and Community College systems, featuring our frequent collaborators in Morelia, Mexico from the Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores /UNAM Morelia. Participants are invited to register under two broad skillsets of audio, or visual, which will place them into a balanced group during the event. The main event will be a three-day intensive starting at 2:30 PM on Friday, May 14th and ending with a public showcase at 7:00 PM on Sunday, May 16th.

These intense songwriting camps are not unfamiliar to students at UC Riverside who have participated in prior EARS Student Group events. Students from a variety of academic concentrations have created brilliant musical works which can be found on the EARS Student Group SoundCloud (

EOI Records, a startup company that was created by senior members of the EARS Student Group, will be elevating these traditional virtual songwriting camps by utilizing their collaborative professional mastering engineers from EDGE Studios who will refine the musical works created during this event. After participating in UC Riverside’s, I-Corps program in winter of 2021 and receiving a $3,000 grant, EOI Records will be hosting a special presentation on Sunday at 6:00 PM before the songwriting camp showcase.

ears student group

EOI Records
Ethan Castro
Jack Adams
Kirsten Lambinicio
ChloeAntoinette Santos
Santiago Tavarez

EARS Student Group E-board
Jack Adams
Cameren Diaz
David Truong
Cameren Westmoreland

EDGE Studios
Ethan Castro
Kaylon Rushing
Brandon Babu
Santiago Tavarez

Industry Mentors
James Ramirez
Valtteri Salomaki
Bradley Butterworth
Seven Bailey
Andrew Hardin
Chris Henley
Ethan Castro
Jack Adams

EARS – Experimental Acoustics Research Studio 
Paulo C. Chagas
Eun Cho

International Partners:
Escola Nacional de Estudios Superiores / UNAM Morelia
CMMAS – Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts)
Rodrigo Sigal
Mario Duarte