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Filmed by creating an autonomous mechanical structure, an immersive relationship is fostered, focusing on the flickering of the light. For a fraction of a second, chaos and order coexist. This may create a slight unease, a momentary frustration that could escalate as a dialogue begins, expectations arise, desires aren’t realized, and the politics of control are questioned with the territorial nature of anxiety.

Anxiety acts as an epistemological instrument to disturb one into looking at the crescendos that emerge within people in isolation as we delve deeper into the concrete-jungle induced societal insularity.

Born and based in India, Utsuk Sharma is a multidisciplinary artist interested in creating immersive experiences working in recurring themes of anxiety and personal dystopias. Trained as a painter, he graduated from College of Art, Delhi with a minor in printmaking and is inspired by mental glitches during thought-association. He has exhibited with several galleries including FICA “The moving Image”, Serendipity Arts Festival “Call to Disorder”, RCSC, AIFACS and The India Art Fair.