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The central idea for this composition is based on the activities of underwater livings.They are symbolized by sounds of the sea,and singing of whales in music, and are characterized by a material photo of a school of fish in visual-part. Starting with the concrete materials, these were transformed to create an abstract audiovisual world. The difference between the acoustics of underwater and in the air was deliberately designed to structure the piece. This piece was composed in memory of my old colleague who was a specialist of marine acoustic, the SONAR (sound navigation and ranging) system.

Ishii was born and studied general composition in Tokyo. Since 1998 she studied Electroacoustic composition in Dresden and further in London where she was conferred her PhD. Her works focus on Visual Music for which she creates both part in paralell, and 3D Acousmatic. Her works have been selected at festivals worldwide such as Seeing Sound UK, Punto y Raya, NYCEMF, and more. She was invited for Artist in Residence from ZKM Germany several times.