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Coruscation was created as the final part of Florida, Farewell — a text and sound performance by myself and J. Martin Daughtry, about his father’s cremation. This section focuses on the text’s final image — driving away from the crematorium’s chimney with its “shimmering dance of heat escaping into the humid midday air” into the capricious storms of a Florida afternoon.

Joel Rust is a composer and sound artist, and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University. His main ongoing project is The Conifers, a sci-fi chamber opera about the meaning of family and home in a time of environmental crisis, developed with poet David Troupes. He recently completed a PhD at NYU which investigated Edgard Varèse’s works in the context of the New York City soundscape, and his works feature on recordings by Discantus, The Hermes Experiment, and the Choir of King’s College, London.