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The program consists of 5 different electronic audio works with visual works for each track. The concept of the music and one unifying feature is the use of samples of speech and choral singing from Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Andrei Rublev” and comprehending it from a completely different and unusual musical point of view (experimental electronics/ambient). The concept of the video work was not to comprehend the aspects related to the samples of the film, but to comprehend the general atmosphere of the audio tracks and to use as the main theme such elements as digital perception, glitches, the dimension of vhs. The result was a meta-product with a combination of old folk motifs (the chronology of the film is 14th-15th century, using old singing traditions) with a modern audio dimension and digital elements in the video. The goal was to create a unique project that would combine different disciplines such as music composition, music production, visual art, film, text/poetry and touch on some philosophical aspects and present it as an installation. I am happy to share this interesting experience with the audience and immerse them in this atmosphere.

Vlad Chlek is a music composer and sound artist originally from Western Siberia, Russia. In his music he combines many different influences from 20th century classical music and non-classical genres of modern metal/rock.

In addition to music, Vlad is involved in visual arts and cinematography because he has always been interested in film and the unique creations of directors, especially art house and festival films. This gives him a lot of inspiration and he uses it when working on his compositions.

One of Vlad’s latest projects: the opera ‘Singularity’, a monodramatic work for soprano solo and large ensemble combined with electronics and visual effects -a rather multi-dimensional work that the audience received with great interest and was immersed in this atmosphere.

In addition to writing music for classical ensembles, Chlek is working on new material for his newly formed band. This music is a combination of post-rock and metal with elements of sludge and electronic/ambient soundscapes. Vlad Chlek received his music education at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Tilburg, where he recently completed a Bachelor of Music Composition under the guidelines of Anthony Fiumara and is continuing his studies at the Master’s level.

His music compositions and audiovisual works have been performed at such festivals as Ars Electronica, ISCM World Music Days, and November Music. He has worked with various ensembles and soloists, including such experienced musicians as I SOLISTI and orkest de ereprijs.