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FOIE (Fading OUT In Expression) is a short exploration of identity. It makes special emphasis on the detached perception of individuals in today’s society. In ever growing cities, we’re bombarded with new impressions every second. Consequently we loose focus, interest, curiosity and people can become invisible beings. So why do we even care to present ourselves? Why do we perform for a blind audience? Is there a pure, raw essence in each of us, or are we exclusively defined by our surroundings?

Kumo is a Berlin based photographer and filmmaker. Growing up in Colombia and with German roots, his work is strongly characterized by contrasts, duality and everyday chaos.

His obscure style, which impresses the viewer with a feeling of timelessness and oblivion, is often reinforced by the use of unconventional mediums like high-contrast and rough-grained black-and-white experimental film or old broken miniDV and VHS camcorders with low resolution.