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FreeBomB is an experimental animation about the freedom of speech and expression.

Creator: Petra-Puk Bresser
Composer of the music: Church of Rock ’n Roll

Petra-Puk Bresser (or simply Puk) a female visual and installation artist, born in The Hague – the Netherlands (1972)

Although Puk works with photographic processes, she is not a photographer in any traditional sense. Often photographs are used as the base. Upon this base, the total piece is constructed.

A photograph doesn’t need to be flat. Differences in height make the work appear as a sort of sculpture, a photographic one. Science, philosophy, cubism, conceptual- and experimental art, are clearly a great influence on her art. The photographs undergo whatever Puk finds relevant to help emphasis the theme or subject.

Any other medium can be added, or can even replace a photograph as long as it strengthens the concept.

She studied at the Fotovakschool, Amsterdam – Netherlands and Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp – Belgium