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Composed of a single take, “Incomplete” invites us to traverse an endless choreography of bodies in perpetual free-fall and updating images that reflect a world in constant change.

Directed by Dalena Tran; Music by Ash Koosha

Dalena Tran is a visual artist and director based in Los Angeles, CA. Her body of work reinterprets applications of traditional art forms and practices with emerging digital technologies through hybrid mediations. Engaging with the phenomenon of media as semiotic storytelling, she investigates the everyday confluences of language and expression; presence and immateriality; voyeurism and surveillance; urbanism and hegemony; play and pause.

Ash Koosha is an electronic musician and soundtrack composer whose work explores themes of synesthesia and virtual reality. His fluid, collage-like soundscapes are based on computer-generated sonic fractal patterns, incorporating altered voices as well as non-musical sounds like car engines and shattering glass. As heady and discordant as this sounds, his sound constructions are intriguing and accessible rather than harsh and punishing.