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Living In Limbo is a video that includes a 3D space made during pandemic times where I was unable to reach Venice to continue working on the serie of pictures I was making there. I had to create my own Venice, I had to imagine a place where my pictures could stand and tell the story of a city so famous and based on tourism that it became more and more fake. My pictures stand for my personal experience of Venice, my family, my friends, in a space that reminds of the actual city but it looks like a videogame.

Emma de Felice

I was born in Venice, Italy. I studied Visual Arts at IUAV University of Venice and I did an International Residency at ENSP Photography School in Arles, France. I currently work and live between Milan and Marseille. My artistic research is based on the observation of places, people, memories through the photographic medium with a vojeuristic approach, sometimes sociological, often intimate and experimental. I am obsessed with images, found images, books, videos, drawings, horror movies, my mobile phone.