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The initial idea came to me while working in Max/MSP. By placing the limiter to the outlet of several delay lines, various gestures were shaped using extreme feedback. Afterwards the piece was divided into four sections, characterized by different forms and effects of the feedback. The initial feedback procedure was further developed into the compositional process within the sound synthesis. The feedback effect was also associated with different repetitive structures, which were linked to the related compositional techniques like granular synthesis, beat slicing or scrubbing.

Otto Wanke (* 21.12.1989)
I have undertaken a series of musical studies: first jazz composition in Prague, later classical, film and electroacoustic composition – under Karlheinz Essl, Iris ter Schiphorst, Wolfgang Liebhart in Vienna. Recently I have been active as a performer of electroacoustic music, working as a soloist as well as in cooperation with other musicians. 2018 I was employed as an assistant at the department of ethnomusicology at the music university of Vienna and I started doing PhD program with focus on spectral music (MDW Vienna, under Gesine Schröder). 2017 I won Gustav-Mahler-Competition. Within this project he cooperated with important Austrian artists like Paul Gulda, Wolfgang Mitterer and Christoph Cech. In 2019, I was awarded the Theodor Körner Award, which I received from Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen.