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Watching birds is an ancient tradition which has had not only an aesthetic but also mystical side. Thus, there existed flamens-augurs in ancient Rome, who interpreted the will of gods according to the birds’ flights and cries. Augurs’ watching flocks of birds practice has become a source of inspiration for creation of the audiovisual composition “Murmur”. Its central idea is the reflection of the murmuration phenomenon – the concerted flight of huge flocks of birds shaping volumetric forms in the sky with constantly changing density and momentum.

Margarita Stepanova

Studied composition at the Composition Department of the UNTAM (Kiyv, Ukraine). In 2019 – graduated from the Computer Music Department of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (master course). Now – the teacher of Computer Music Department and Viktor Popov Academy of Choral Art. I am actively involved in scientific and creative work.