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“Passagem” is the first song and videoclip for experimental, ambient and drone music project “sinais”, by Bernardo Pádua. Based on the sound of the cello and its relationship with the sung voice, the song contrasts the textures and repetition patterns that define ambient and drone music with melodic singing, more akin to popular music. The video, made by Lucas Almeida, consists in a manipulation of archive footage, turning images of big crowds in movement into fluttering, flowing stains of colour against the dark, which, together with the music’s harmonies and lyrics, create an atmosphere that resembles a floating experience of time and space. Something like an unreacheable memory, marked by undefined emotion: not quite sad or happy, anguished or peaceful, but somewhere in between all of these.

Bernardo Pádua, 21, born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is an artist in formation, currently studying Visual Arts in the University of São Paulo (USP). Having studied music since childhood, Bernardo is currently directing his efforts and studies towards sound art and his solo musical project “sinais”, which revolves mostly around experimental sounds made on the cello, mixed with melodic, more song-like singing. Instagram: @bernardopadua__

Lucas Almeida, 22, born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, works with video art with a focus on the post-production area. Lucas has researched and developed works that seek to combine the aesthetics of  certain North American experimental films (Brakhage, Phil Solomon, etc.) with the plastic tradition of Brazilian video art through the contemporary possibilities of manipulation of digital image.