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“Radical Duality” is a practical way based on my own ontology beyond arguments of “eternal return” (Deleuze) and speculative realism. In this practice, then, three elements, “Media”, “Theme”, and “Method” define creative acts, correlating to each other.
Any medium used for creative activities is a variable there (in this piece, sounds and visual components).

“Method” is a factor which strongly prescribes characteristics of a creator, and is the thought about relations.

For myself, the relation is “a multiplicity of radical duality which consists of the discrete and the continuous”. In this piece, I first made a patch of MAX/MSP. In this patch, then, I created two primitive faders ― “the discrete” and “the continuous” ―, whose values affect the whole sound. Additionally I made four faders – ”continuation of discreteness”, “discreteness of continuation”, “continuation of continuation”, and “discreteness of discreteness” ― whose values change various parameters of this complex patch.

“Method” decides relations between media, and also “Media” change themselves according to how these media relate each other. This piece is a concrete practice based on “Radical Duality”.

Masafumi Rio Oda

Born in Saitama, Japan, in 1986. Enrolled in Department of Philosophy, Sophia University. Having got master’s degree by writing a master’s thesis about Deleuze’s philosophy. After graduated, crossing between academic philological studies and investigation of philosophically unique position of myself, and trying to output these results as performance, electronic music, digital video work, and recently, “Application Art” which is a synthesis of programming, 3D modelling, visual and music elements and so on. Participated in many international music and art festivals with music, audio-visual pieces, performances, and paper presentations in US, Italy, German, Belgium, England, Korea, China, Thailand, Argentina, NY, and Japan. My audio-visual piece “Radical Duality II”was awarded at International Electronic Music Competition 2021 (China). A member of ASCAP.