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The project Re-soundings explores a extended concept of listening, according to which the sonic present is a resonant space that we share with others, the space of a coming and a passing, of extending and penetrating. In the post-human space of telematic reality, sound presents itself as modulated by significant processes of body reconstruction and the relationship between presence and absence. The listening subject emerges in the context of intelligent systems integrated to human-machine interfaces. How can we be penetrated and project yourselves towards the others? How to modulate, for instance, the uniqueness of a scream, or the appeal of a melody? Re-soundings Diptych presents an assemblage of two pieces for solo instruments and electronics that I composed in 2021 as part of this project – “Re-soundings 3 violin” and “Re-soundings 3 flute 1”. The audiovisual work, conceived as a diptych, explores the aesthetics of the music video featuring two different performers, Eliane Tokeshi, violin, Cássia Carrascoza, flute. Beto Machado’s video focuses on the gestures of the performers and the relationship to the environment. The diptych captures the resonating space of re-soundings and extends the experience of the musicians listening and felling to the resonant space of the audiovisual experience.

Paulo C. Chagas / Eliane Tokeshi / Cássia Carrascoza / Beto Machado

Paulo C. Chagas is professor of composition at the University of California, Riverside. He created more than 180 works for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic, audiovisual and multimedia. His works resulted from numerous orders and have been acclaimed in the United States, Europe, Russia, Asia and Brazil. Chagas develops extensive research in semiotics, philosophy, electroacoustics, multimedia, and technology.

Violinist Eliane Tokeshi’s multifaceted career encompasses performances as chamber musician, soloist and work as pedagogue. Winner of several competitions, she premiered several works of the Brazilian and contemporary repertoire. She is a professor of violin at the Department of Music at the University of São Paulo and is often invited to give masterclasses in universities in Brazil and abroad.

Flutist Cássia Carrascoza is professor in the Music Department of the University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto and currently Visiting Scholar at the UC Riverside, working on research on telematic performance under the supervision of Prof. Paulo C. Chagas. As soloist, she performed with several orchestras in Brazil and abroad and gave concerts in many countries. Currently, she develops research in telematic performance, collaborative composition, and improvisation with electronics.

Beto Machado studied Composition at FAAM, São Paulo and Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, Netherlands. He is a composer, sound and visual artist and electronic musician, interested in field recordings, noise, audiovisual technology, and modular synthesizers. He develops electronic instruments, materials and tools for new compositions and platforms of live performance.