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It is a second version of this work, this time in audiovisual format. The video was conceived after the music composition and is result of the fusion and processing of two different sources. Both audio and video creative conceptions are linked with the idea of gradual and continuous transformations in terms of texture and colors, in the visual images, and transformations from grains to clouds or from discontinuous to continuous textures in sound. The main idea of this version was to explore analogue characteristics in different senses (visual and auditory) and to propose a possibility of correspondence in perception qualities between them. The continuity of perception is characterized by a gradual change in color and timbre, while discontinuity is explored with flashes in a dark background and with sound grains that gradually become shorter and more rarefied.

The video was conceived after the music composition and is result of the fusion and processing in Max/MSP Jitter of two different sources using object with pre-programmed time-varying parameters (compositing color shaders, image filters and speed rate of reproduction). The audio composition of this work came just after a short-term experiment bringing together granular synthesis and high-order ambisonics sound spatialization (HOA), performed at the Immersive Presence Laboratory of the CIRMMT, at McGill University. The digital sound processing was performed in Max/MSP employing the High-Order Ambisonics Library by the CICM of Paris 8 University. We highlight the use of the hoa.2d.process~ object that combines in one unique operation the granular synthesis with HOA sound spatialization. In the music composition, we used sounds processed in 7th order of ambisonics then converted to binaural.

Danilo Rossetti is a composer and researcher that focuses his work in the use of technology and interdisciplinary research in creative processes and musical analyses performances. He is author of musical works for different formations (solo or ensembles), acousmatic, live electronics and multi-modal (audiovisual installations, music and dance, networked and telematic music) and author and coauthor of several articles concerning creative processes in music and musical analyses. He is assistant professor at the Department of Arts of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), and collaborator professor at the graduate music studies of the Institute of Arts at UNICAMP. He accomplished a post-doc research at the Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Sound Communication, at the University of Campinas (funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation) and earned a Ph.D. in Music Composition at the same university, with a doctoral stage at the CICM/Paris 8 University. His compositions have been played in many international events and festivals.