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Telaraña (Audiovisual Environment)

Work for flute and electronic media. In this work an interwoven sound space is developed. Like a spider web, layers of improvisation are created with suggested motifs using the electronic medium that allows the reproduction of loops. The flutist Teresa Díaz recorded the first version in her home studio, this recording is the official premiere of the piece. The video was made by Frida V. recordings from the 21st floor of a building on the border of Tijuana, Mexico with San Diego Ca. using a kaleidoscope effect.

Frida V. de la Sota is a young composer and clarinetist originally from Ensenada Baja California Mexico, with a degree in Music from the Autonomous University of Baja California. Her compositions range from experimental electronic to formal concert. She has managed to premiere more than 10 works in the last 3 years even with the pandemic and is considered one of the most active artists in her state. Being recognized nationally.