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This audiovisual work was the output of Zhiye Peng’s collaboration with visual artist Yunyun Wu in 2016. The title came from an old Chinese idiom “杞人忧天”, which tells of a man in Qi (a small state in ancient China) often needlessly anxious about impossible or inconsequential matters. Once he began to fear that the sky would fall and crash on his head. He became so anxious that he could neither eat nor sleep.

The music scored for an ensemble of four contrabassi, was composed and played by Zhiye Peng. The scenario sketched by Yunyun Wu divided the video into six episodes, which correspond with the score: I-White, II-Light Grey, III-Medium Grey, IV-Black, V-Grey, VI-White.

Zhiye Peng (彭智烨) is a freelance composer living currently in Chongqing, China. His compositions excavate spectra of sounds and tone colors, trying to bridge noise and tones, and also reflect his affection for low end instruments, which is connected to his experience of playing in ensembles as a contrabassist.

Yunyun Wu (吴芸芸) uses image as the major media, aiming at breaking the usual narrative approach, demonstrating individual living experience by unique editing and illustrating methods. Wu transforms various sides and feelings of live into different kinds of image works, paying a special attention on some phenomena which are reasonable and absurd at the same time, trying to use it as the base point to create multidimensional and grotesque audio-visual experience.