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This project has a history which dates back to the year 2017: I drove one full day by car to the Polish city Gdansk, where I had the possibility to use a light-flooden AirBNB apartment as a photostudio. During the travel I nearly lost the exhaust system of my car. I repaired it, but I had to drive slow, very slow. No freeway, damaged car… I had a lot of time to think about the project, to imagine it, to dream it. The projects name was “The Art Of Surviving One Day On Planet Earth In 2017”: A kind of surreal photographic cycle which refreshes classical iconography and repowers photography by using a fresh, but understandable iconology of modern fairy tales, like Starwars, but …with a “dark mode”. For the outdoor location shots I worked at the Milano Airport and in Bergamo, Later this photos were converted into animated glitch-art pictures and formed into an avant-guard AV video (“Surviving The Purple Prophecy”). This artvideo part of the official selection of the famous art-meets-Tech festival “The New Art Fest 2020” in Lisbon.

Joseph Ayerle is a multidisciplinary artist known for “Malta in Red, Hot and Blue” (2013), “The Colours of Rain” (2016), “Un’emozione per sempre 2.0” (2018), “Surviving The Purple Prophecy” (2020) and his early adoption of Artificial Intelligence technology in the creation of art. The Royal Photographic Society (UK) called Joseph Ayerle an “experimental contemporary artist”. The EMMY-winning journalist Katerina Cizek described him as “a new generation artist and photographer”. Ayerle’s works have been featured in international group exhibitions and they are included in the photo collection of an art museum in Milan, Italy.