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This video consists of prelude, scene II, interlude and scene III of the opera “Tintagiles” which sets the symbolist drama of Maurice Maeterlinck (originally written in French, here set in Russian) “The Death of Tintagiles”. Maurice Maeterlinck originally wrote the play for puppets.

The opera follows the idea of puppet as «beyond the human being» in a symbolical way – all soloists of the opera are characters that are far «beyond the human being» in their manners of being and speaking from usual human existence. Their voices are filtered by, or mixed with, their instruments; their manners of speaking / singing / making sounds are changing all the time. They simulate, acoustically, in their singing and playing such electronic effects as echo, delay, reversed order, slow motion or fast motion. The instruments and voices on the tape create a very special mysterious atmosphere where you can hardly recognize the source of the sound, whether it is produced acoustically or electronically. The video is made by shooting with different mirrors, reflective papers, shades, shadows, water…

Rodolphe Bourotte (Tintagiles)
Olga Krashenko (Ygraine)
Fabienne Gay (Bellangère)
Gérard Pape (Aglovale)
Latifa Leforestier (Servante)

Anne Bleauwart
Vladimir Kara

Olga Krashenko
Composer, CLSI member, she finished Saint-Petersburg conservatory in 2008 (classes of composition of B.Tischenko and V.Citovich). Winner of “Call for Works for Glissando Flute, MicroFest Prague 2020”. Her CD with the opera “Macondo” was released in 2021 in France (ACEL Label). Her different compositions were performed by Dimitri Vassilakis (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Cecile Daroux (Ensemble Itinéraire), Pierre-Stephane Meugé, Jacqueline Mefano (Ensemble 2e2m), Daniel Kientzy, John Kenny, Maurizio Barbetti, Ana Telles,Thomas Keck, Shanna Gutierrez, Dario Garau. Alexey Shmurak, Michail Krutik, Alexandra Korobkina, Elya Kulukaeva, Guzel Sajfutdinova, Elena Malyuk and others. Her music was also played by such ensembles and orchestras as Quartet New Generation, Konvergence, Alternance, Seldom Sene, Dal Niente, Con Moto, CLSI, Orchestre de Flûtes Français, Academic Orchestra of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory and Kaliningrad Symphonic Orchestra.