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Excerpt from “Vapor 1” by The Square Root of Negative Two (Robin Amos + Blaik Ripton) with visuals by Allison Tanenhaus. Debuted at Mistery Machine 2021 ( and presented with new visuals at Porchfest 2021 (

The Square Root of Negative Two ( is a Boston-based electronic group specializing in atmospheric synth melodies, propulsive rhythms, and mind-bending glitch art visuals. Their dynamic vibes range from lush euphoric peaks to dark disturbing depths.


Robin Amos (synth)

  • a pioneer in numerous genres, including electronic synth (Square Root of Negative Two, V1), garage rock (Two Much), art-punk (The Girls), post-punk (Shut Up), post-rock (Cul de Sac), and black metal (Infera Bruo)
  • he’s played 700+ gigs in 16 countries since 1975
  • created soundtracks for films by Roger Corman, Doris Wishman, and F.W. Murnau

Blaik Ripton (synth)

  • started out as a skateboarder playing drums in a hardcore punk band in New York City, where he shared the stage with then-unknown Beastie Boys
  • a sonic explorer in multiple genres, including punk, post-punk, indie, ska, synthpop, electronica, and folk
  • his fun and unusual children’s music (PlaySoundz) topped the charts on WFMU and a radio station in Rome, and has been featured on NPR and WGBH TV

Allison Tanenhaus (glitch art visuals)

  • creative endeavors began in street art, with appearances (both sanctioned and guerrilla-style) in 17 countries
  • a self-taught glitch artist, she now makes trippy music videos, installations, and projections using just her smartphone
  • past music gigs include college radio DJ; intern for MTV News, J Records, and Tiger Beat; high-school roadie and merch girl; and graphic designer for the New England Synth Fest