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YTConcerto is a real-time computer generated mashup of YouTube videos, in 8 video channels per screen. The algorithm that drives the work explores the YouTube recommendation feature by playing randomly chosen fragments of videos that are retrieved by either submitting a randomly constructed query, or by exploring lists of videos “similar” to one previously chosen. The work takes inspiration from random mashups of recorded music, radio transmissions and ambient sounds made by John Cage in his Imaginary Landscape and Mix series, and aims to be as hilarious, mind-opening and profound as its predecessor. Live performances of the work have so far used up to three laptops (up to 24 simultaneous channels of YouTube videos), and occasionally also a live ensemble.

The work exists in multiple different versions, first with names of musical instruments as more constant element of queries (YTConcerto), second (YTSurreal) with audience typing the queries, third (YTEcho) with queries constituted of onomatopoeic words, fourth (YTLoop) where short snippets of videos are played in simultaneous, slightly misaligned loops, and fifth (YTNoise), based on synonyms of word “noise”. Unfortunately, playing multiple videos simultaneously on the same page is not compliant with YouTube policies, and in early 2020 YouTube has “revoked the allocated quota” for the project, effectively disabling it. The project continues to live as a series of video captures of the original program.

>> Ditte Maria Mølgaard, voice
>> Anna Sakham Jalving, violin
>> Marie Sønderskov, flute
>> Frederik Sakham Jalving Lomborg, double-bass

Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian composer and programmer, living in Aarhus in Denmark. He enjoys playful exploration of mathematical processes and chance and uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression. With a primary interest in composition and performance for his networked laptop/smartphone ensemble, he is also active in the fields of computer music, video and software art.

His work has been performed on festivals such as World Music Days 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) 2021, and Festival Futura in Crest, France (2018). Holds a PhD in Music Informatics from the State University of Milan, Italy.