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Title and permalink Category Artists, creators, composers, performers
…lilac shrieks and scarlet bellowings… Electronic Music Video Jean Detheux, Mikel Kuehn, Deborah Norin-Kuehn
A Letter to a Gravedigger Audiovisual Narrative Elizaveta Sanicheva, Eduardo Aliberti
After the Freeze Music Performance Anuj Bhutani
And then there was quiet Audiovisual Installation Vesely Marek, Ricardo Tovar Mateus, Carson Reiners
Aquatic Electronic Music Video Hiromi Ishii
Arboretum Electronic Music Video Colin I. Nossek
Blue Glint Submergence Electronic Music Video Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi
Breakwater Experimental Video Panayiotos Kokoras, Dimitris Vourdoglou
Breathing Electronic Music Video Qi Mengjie (Maggie)
Chain of Circumstances Audiovisual Performance  Joseph Klein
Chaotic Substrate Electronic Music Video Nicholas Shaheed
Coruscation Electronic Music Video Joel Rust
Daramad Audiovisual Performance Ali Balighi, Visheh Khatami Moghadam, Shaghayesh Bagheri, Behnosh Sabet Ghadam, Begin Goodarzi
Live for Orla Electronic Music Video dedeco, tttttuto (Artur Souza)
Dilute Metamorphosis Experimental Video Rose Ansari, John Daniel
Doppelgaenger Experimental Video Telemach Wiesinger, Martin Bergande
Double Pendulum Audiovisual Performance Kevin Patrick Anthony
EARS x EOI May 2021 Songwriting Camp Audiovisual Performance EARS Student Group
En lo profundo de la piel (Into the deep of the skin) Experimental Video Ursula San Cristóbal
Entropy Experimental Video Erik Deerly
EXPOSED Audiovisual Installation Sharon Daniel
FOIE Experimental Video Kumo Bscura
Framework II Electronic Music Video Willyn Whiting
FreeBomB Experimental Video Petra-Puk Bresser, Church of Rock ’n Roll
Friday, May 18 at a distance Music Performance Michael Boyd, Stephen Lilly, Benjamin Levy, Stacey Mastrian, Kristian Twombly
Geisslerlieder Electronic Music Video Erich Barganier
Goodbye is the Hardest Thing to Say Audiovisual Narrative Craig Peaslee, Andrew Pacheco, Victor Yuen, Rebecca Wu, Jenny Young, Daniel Nowosad, Marvin Payton Jr.
Hybrid Autoharp Audiovisual Performance Maike Zimmermann
i_Sphere Electronic Music Video Wilfried Jentzsch
ILLUSIVE ECHOES Electronic Music Video Zlatko Ćosić, Brad Decker
Incognita Ex Terra Experimental Video Ben Zucker, Hannah Thomson, Annabell, Maria Whitcomb
Incomplete Audiovisual Narrative Dalena Tran, Ash Koosha
Junk Food of the Sea Experimental Video Hassan Estakhrian
LINES Electronic Music Video Jörg Lindenmaier
Digital Decay Experimental Video Vlad Chlek
Living In Limbo Electronic Music Video Emma de Felice
Lullaby for Stepanakert Experimental Video Joseph Bohigian
Mas allá Experimental Video Argentino Docente
MIST OF NUMBERS, FOG OF WORDS Electronic Music Video Chelidon Frame
Moonscape Adagio Experimental Video Andersen Viana
Moving speeds Audiovisual Narrative Otto Wanke
MP5 Audiovisual Installation Mike Mulshine
Murmur Electronic Music Video Margarita Stepanova
Music Box Study #6 (SF) Audiovisual Performance Stephen Montalvo
My Heart Audiovisual Installation Noah Berrie
Passagem Experimental Video Bernardo Pádua, Lucas Almeida
Pixels Apart #1 [The First Dance] Experimental Video Lloyd May
Please Find Attached Audiovisual Performance Oren Boneh
pollock’s dreams Electronic Music Video Konstantinos Karathanasis, Geo Holmes
Post-Music #33 Audiovisual Narrative Constantin Basica
Praevernal Experimental Video Martin Klusák, Berg Orchestra Prague
Presence Experimental Video Jean-Michel Rolland
Quit It Audiovisual Installation Eva Wang
Radical Duality III Electronic Music Video Masafumi Rio Oda
Re-soundings Diptych Music Performance Paulo C. Chagas, Eliane Tokeshi, Cássia Carrascoza, Beto Machado
Self Portrait in Place Audiovisual Installation Susan Ossman
Seven Days Electronic Music Video Jack Ballard, Ben Mariano, Jake Peters, Desiree Hargrave
Some intends to go out Audiovisual Narrative André Tuffo
Southern Specter Experimental Video Richard Johnson, Timothy Roy
Speed Dating Audiovisual Performance Michele Cheng, Simona Fitcal
Stay Where You Are! Experimental Video Anna Pasztor, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė
Substâncias moldáveis version 2 Electronic Music Video Danilo Rossetti
Suspension No.1 Audiovisual Performance Soheil Shirangi, Benoit Ray
Swimming Under Water In Our Bodies (Sheltering in Epidermis) Audiovisual Installation Akari Komura
Symptom of Expression Audiovisual Performance Chris Lortie, Heinrich Horwitz, The Decoder Ensemble, Eric Shirlot, Jessica Aszodi, Lara Rodríguez Cruz
Telaraña Electronic Music Video Frida V. de la Sota
The Dream of a Man in Qi State Experimental Video Zhiye Peng, Yunyun Wu
The Music of Starry Night Audiovisual Performance Derek Cooper
The Purple Prophecy Audiovisual Narrative Joseph Ayerle
Tintagiles (Excerpts) Audiovisual Performance Olga Krashenko, Fabienne Gay, Gérard Pape, Latifa Leforestier, Anne Bleauwart, Vladimir Kara
Two Arias from On the Shores of Eternity Audiovisual Narrative Jack Van Zand, Stacey Fraser, Jane Rigler
Union – Communion Electronic Music Video Kateryna Bortsova, Graziano Eschini
Untitled. Hands on Canvas Audiovisual Performance Pietro Dossena
Vapor 1 (Excerpt) Electronic Music Video Robin Amos, Blaik Ripton, Allison Tanenhaus
Vega_S Electronic Music Video Igor Kefalidis, Andrew Quinn
VOICES Electronic Music Video Jiayue Cecilia Wu, Karlton E. Hester, Rebecca Ruige Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai
Voices Audiovisual Installation Cat Del Buono
Wake me when we get there Audiovisual Narrative David Jason Snow
Wood Audiovisual Performance Adam Mirza
YTConcerto Audiovisual Performance Andreja Andric
Zwei Planquadrate (Two grid squares) Experimental Video Bernd Schumann

All works in this exhibition are reproduced with permission of the artists/copyright holders. Works (images, video, audio or other content) must not be used or reproduced for any purposes without prior consent of the artists.